A picture never lies…. or so they say.

I am aware I’ve not really written much on my blog lately. Partly because I just haven’t really felt up to it but also for various other reasons.

Something that has interested me lately though is the saying “A picture never lies”. Who actually even said that?! Where is the proof that a picture never lies because let me tell you, they most certainly do.

Take a look at this picture here:
me and mamaThis is me and my wonderfully incredible mum.

It amazed me how many people commented on “how well we look” and “what a lovely photo, you look amazing”. When truth be known I was crumbling inside. Lost, completely. Would you believe if I said I spent the past few days before this photo (and probably on this day too) in tears? Absolutely DRAINED by own mental health. Not being able to sleep properly and waking up early hours to find I cannot sleep and I am overwhelmed with teary eyes. Exhausted from OCD rituals that have become so heightened I am barely living a normal life.

But y’know… “I look really well”.

This is a prime example of how invisible mental health can be. Nobody truly knows what is going on in your own head but because you appear to look fine and well then you must be okay. Sadly this isn’t the case and it doesn’t take much to take some time out of your day to ask a friend/family “How you doing?” and genuinely listen to their response.

Not everyone who smiles is smiling inside and we just need to show a little more love to one another.

To: EH, GE, MS, KB, AH, CG, JF, SH. You’re all absolute angels. I love you all dearly. True friendships that will never die. 

and especially,

To: Mum, Bruv and Morg – from insane amounts of love to gü cheesecakes to cheer me up. You guys are the best. ❤ 

2 responses to “A picture never lies…. or so they say.”

  1. I think this is a really important subject that more people should be talking about! Especially due to how images can be portrayed on social media!
    Finlay Grace

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I couldn’t agree with you more. Social media is such a huge thing now and therefore topics like this are vitally important. 🙂

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