The Pit

She’s smiling but she’s falling.
She skipped along the path, smiling at everyone she passed.
Her foot slipped. As did her smile.
She realised she was falling.
Falling down such a narrow, dark cramped pit.
She could barely see any light. How far will she falls before it is “the end”?

She slipped so slowly but fell so rapidly.
Nobody else seems to have fallen down with her.
She can’t see anyone.
It’s just her, alone.

She has no idea how deep this pit is.
Is it a well? Because if so she’s desperate to wish her way out.
In the distance she sees water and it’s rising.
The more she falls the more the water rises.
She is scared she is going to drown.

She needs to scream. Alert somebody.
But not a sound comes out her mouth.
There’s nobody around to hear her anyway.
She accepts self destruct, what else has she got left?

A hand grabs hers, she’s clinging on for dear life.
If she lets go that is it.
She’s clutching on to the last bit of hope that remains to pull her out.
Pull her out of this deep, dark pit.

The pit is her mind.




 © COPYRIGHT: Nikita Lola Roberts  

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