You think I am Vicky Pollard?

Interesting post.

Can you believe I was actually compared to as Vicky Pollard? No me neither. In fact what a nasty thing to say to someone you are supposed to be close with? Someone you have known your whole life, they know you and they call you…. Vicky Pollard. Turns out you clearly don’t know me at all.

I’ve put off posting this for a couple of years. Unsure how to go about it. But it has always been there at the back of my mind. So let me tell you about myself and I will proudly start with the first and last time I will EVER be anywhere near Vicky Pollard is my photograph next to hers in this blog post.

Firstly, Vicky is a fictional character incase you didn’t know. She is a ‘chav’. She shoplifts, skives school, had a baby and swapped it for a Westlife CD, talks really fast, get involved in all kinds of drama and is jobless. (I could go on but you get the gist).

Secondly, Nikita is a real life human being. (Me). I’m far from a chav, never shoplifted in my entire life, went to school and got pretty good grades as well as furthering myself onto university and having the hardest three years I could have possibly endured there but still came out with a pretty decent grade. I’ve never had a baby but I’m perfectly capable of looking after them. I speak how I would class “properly”. Drama isn’t my thing, I am my own person and don’t need any Tom, Dick or Harry’s problems offloaded onto myself. OH and to end things with I’ve successfully bagged myself pretty good jobs, hard jobs but nevertheless I have worked my backside off to get where I am today.

So please tell me how I am Vicky Pollard?

I have accomplished a lot in life that I am extremely proud of and I have made some big achievements.


This may seem like nothing to some people but when it comes from someone close you don’t really expect it. It was a comment that really hurt me because for one I know it isn’t true whatsoever but for another it was a completely uncalled for, irrelevant comment.

It is also a comment that will never be forgiven.

Now I have got it off my chest I can finally let it go from my mind because this girl here is doing just fine. In fact she’s winning at life, living a happy life surrounded by many people she loves and cares for. How lucky am I to have that?

I feel blessed with my life and my achievements, success and love. Your comment is irrelevant, rude and is very telling.
How do you feel?

6 responses to “You think I am Vicky Pollard?”

  1. Rude comments suck! I’m learning to be assertive and just tell that person directly…”no that’s rude”. My friend also has taught me to say clever comments back to get people off your back. Such as…”Oh I’m Vicky….well at least I got my degree and you’re still living with parents.” Just an example. I’m not advocating putting the person that said this to you down. I’m not sure what you told this person either. I’m just saying, speaking up and back to people has helped me get people off my back and instead of me just being angry inside. I wish you the best!

    Teri –

  2. This is really good advice! At the time I was too shocked to reply. I was more upset. But I’ll deffo take this on board thank you! 🙂

  3. Hey… I’ve added your blog here to here: If you wish to link back that would be great. Keep trying to think good thoughts. But if you can’t… write! 🙂


    1. Awww thank you so much, that’s incredibly kind of you! Will deffo share your blog 🙂 Thank you!

  4. You’re no Vicky Pollard that’s for sure. Have you read many books on OCD? Your story reminds of a book written by a young English woman, Lily Bailey, called ‘Because We Are Bad.’ One of the best books on OCD I’ve ever read.

    1. The only one i’ve really read is Brain Lock (I think it’s called?!) I have heard of Lily Bailey but I haven’t read anything from her so I will do some research and have a read of some of her books!

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