Your Mind Is Your Worst Enemy

Have you ever sat and questioned things about life? Usually there isn’t an answer for most of what you question but for me I end up battling things out with my own theories and it leaves me really deflated afterwards. Like I have had a physical fight with myself and it is pointless because there is no winner.

It truly baffles me how a person could be going through hell inside their mind but those closest to them think nothing of it because they are so self absorbed. That is really sad. If I appear to not be okay chances are I’m not, but if in a few hours or day or two I have a smile on my face that also doesn’t necessarily mean everything is hunky dory.

It seems everyone can have feelings and problems but not you. They can tell you how they feel a bit down, feel a bit annoyed, stressed out. But not you. If you dare to even try speak out, you are shot down. How dare you talk about yourself? It is their turn.  Nobody cares about you and how you are feeling.

Isn’t the point of life to be happy?

To have people care about you and genuinely listen in order for you to remain happy?

All it takes is an ear. It doesn’t cost anything whatsoever so why do people find it so hard?

I sometimes question what it would be like to look at my life from the outside. Would I see it differently to how I am living it? Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I care too much about others and expect the same care back. MAYBE I am just overthinking everything.

I am a huge over thinker and I hate it.

But life does make you question it sometimes.

3 responses to “Your Mind Is Your Worst Enemy”

  1. I found this so relatable, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m pleased you can relate as in an awful way it’s reassuring knowing others know how you feel! X

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