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Throughout this horrible time in the world we are needing as much happiness and positivity as ever. I came across this “Coronakindness” thing on twitter in which everyone shares their wishlist and make random purchases on them. Here is a list of a lot of wish lists links and twitter handles to those people that has been sent to me so far! This has taken me some time to do so I appreciate there might be a couple of mistakes! In which case I apologise! So if your link doesn’t work, I have typed your name wrong etc – please let me know!

It’s amazing treating others, and the kindness of strangers has been absolutely incredible! Each of these people has shown me true kindness and positivity even through little comments, likes, messages etc. We are all in this together and all here to support each other. I am aware that there are people who are not a fan of this wishlist gifting, and that is totally okay. What isn’t okay is some of the negative comments I have seen others receive because of it. We are living in a very odd world right now and it is tough. Remember those two important words? BE KIND. If you’re not a fan of it, simply ignore it and move on. There are many people alone out there who are getting the tiniest boost they need to get through the day by doing this and if that is what makes someone happy then why should we stop that? Look after each other, be kind and be happy.

Important points:
* Please do not feel you have to purchase anything, you don’t and that is absolutely okay.
* Please do not feel pressured into having to spend a lot, you don’t. You’ll find most people are ecstatic over a £2 pack of facemasks.
* Please do not feel you have to justify sharing your wishlist, if it isn’t on here just send me it and I can edit the post and add it on. You’re just as entitled to share as anyone!
* If you want to just nosey at others, then do it! Haha, to be honest I’ve found some pretty amazing things through other wish lists that I have been like “ooo that looks good!” or sometimes you may see someone have something you have had so you can let them know how good it is!
* Please be aware of your delivery options as depending on where you live it can be tricky to order for that person. Amazon does not share your full address but if it is completely private it is also trick to be able to send something!
* This list is in no particular order, I just went from bottom to top of my mentions!

If you do not wish to use the Amazon Wishlist but would like to share some love there’s a couple of Just Giving pages I’d like to share 🙂
@AreiliaLoves fundraising for British Heart Foundation
@keetkeets fundraising for Mind with RED January

Small Pet & Cat Care – @geo96x
Key Workers & Care Home – @mybrokenbronchi
Food Bank – @simplybylola
Food Bank – @RevDavidSims

@SilentCries85 (her son’s birthday wishlist)
















@VickiThomson1 (Lois her daughter’s wishlist)

@jenstarzie (her son’s wishlist)


@HennisonTor – 1st birthday for her son

@ZoeNaylor85 – her two little girls list




[@keetkeets : I have been asked several times for my wishlist, so here it is! I’ve popped it right down at the bottom as I don’t feel it needs to be at the top. Please don’t feel you have to purchase anything from my list. I have done this post purely to share the kindness and happiness going around (and mainly cos we all know we get confused in saving wish lists and who we’ve bought for!) haha! I don’t gift to receive, I get a lot of pleasure out of treating others! It makes me very happy!]

Stay safe, much love and happy vibes x

3 responses to “Amazon Wishlist”

  1. This is so cool !! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you!! Hopefully it will help many people!! Stay safe x

      1. You are welcome!! I’m sure it will. You too! ❤

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