Removing negativity from life

It seems acceptable when habits in your life become stuck to you whether they bring a sense of negativity or positivity. Just because something has been in your life for days, months or even years if it brings negativity we still seem to cling onto it because that’s all we’ve know for that long amount of time.

I had a conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago who told me that it was okay to remove anything from your life if it brings you negativity. I think deep down I probably already knew that but having someone actually discuss that with me made me see it for what it was and know that it is okay to do that.

You find that the warm-hearted, good people in the world are often those who would do anything for anyone and put everyone before themselves. I have finally realised after 25 years of my life that it is okay to be a little selfish at times if it means that my mind can relax and bring positivity to my life.

I found it very hard to accept that I could remove objects, situations or people from my life that brought me nothing but negativity. At the end of the day why hold onto things that don’t make you feel good? That doesn’t mean these things are BAD. They’re not bad situations, bad objects or even bad people (not all the time anyway). But they can be bad for YOU.

It isn’t an easy process to remove negativity, and even when you do it will come back again in your life because that is life.

fill your heart with

I have a handful of friends who bring positive vibes into my life and for them I am super grateful, especially in the recent few months. I’ve also met people who I barely know that have shown me so much support and encouragement it’s unbelievable to think a stranger can provide you with more positivity and support than someone who you’ve known for a while.

It says a lot when someone you barely know takes time out of their day to check in on you. I’ll just put that out there.

Mental health is just as important as physical health if not moreso.

So i’m just letting you know that it is completely acceptable and okay to remove any form of negativity from your life. For once focus on yourself and your own wellbeing, everyone else seems to do! So be a little selfish. It’s okay.

6 responses to “Removing negativity from life”

  1. Well done Nikita.. I have removed the negativity from my life and feel so much better for it… Onwards and upwards from now on.. Love you my friend and will see you later this year.. Xx❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much Tina, really looking forward to seeing you and hopefully by then there will be lots more room! Hehe xx Love you too!!

  2. Well done hun you have come soon far x x x

    1. Well not really KayRen, but thank you all the same xx

  3. This is an important life lesson and I’m glad you have learnt it. Your blog is a positive influence on my world today. Thank you 🙏🏻

    1. I’m incredibly sorry for the delayed reply! This comment really means a lot to me, thank you!! I am really pleased that it has been positive for you! 🙂

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