Blogging Break

It has been a while! Hello! Hi! Good Evening! Yo!

I haven’t posted for a while, I decided to have a little time away from blogging and that is totally cool. It wouldn’t really be enjoyable if you had to stick to the same time, same day upload – works for some people but it would become a chore for me. I like my blog posts to be meaningful from when my mind feels like the time is right.

My time away from blogging was kind of accidental but also I didn’t mind. It was nice to settle my thoughts each day. So what have I been up to?

The K Diaries
K is still visiting and working through exposure techniques with me. The progress is very slow I won’t lie. I’ve stirred a cup and not tapped it 3 times in two months. I know that it may seem kinda lame, but it’s a pretty big deal for me! I have a magnetic list on the fridge where I write the dates and times of when I have challenged my OCD and made these achievements. It’s a nice reminder every day.

K has seen me laughing, she’s seen me as a sobbing mess and made me tell the corner of the room my feelings, she’s seen me looking a mess, she’s seen me barely wanting to talk, she’s seen me try pull a fast one with my rituals. BUT most importantly…. she sees me through. She supports and understands and that’s all I can ask. It’s a bonus that she’s a genuinely kind and lovely person too.

Yep, I have started back at the gym. The thought of me running actually makes me laugh but surprisingly I do it (on the treadmill obvs). Never would I have thought that I would enjoy the gym, but when I started a while back it really did my mental health good. Still got my double chins like but y’know… I am working on that haha! So I am meeting with an instructor next week and he’s going to put a plan together for me to tone up. We had a celebratory cheer of “ENDORPHINS!!” when I told him that the gym helps my mental health.

I am investing more time into hobbies I once loved, which is also good for my well-being! I have sewn more and even considering being a bit daring with my makes! Sometimes the best teacher is yourself. The internet and books are a wonderful place and I have learnt so much about sewing in the past month than I ever have!

Speaking of books I have started reading again! Settling down before you sleep and reading a few pages (or chapters if you’re me and cannot. put. it. down.) of a good book I find quite soothing. My brother bought me a book called How To Come Alive Again by Beth McColl and I really highly recommend it for anyone suffering with their mental health, or know someone who is. It was a really sweet, thoughtful gift from him and I am incredibly grateful for it because I am thoroughly enjoying reading it (and it helps! So win win!).

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 18.01.58Selection MixBlog Book


I have also baked more! Tasty times…. unless you use salt instead of sugar but let’s not go there.

Bit of a weird one this. I stopped listening to music for around 5-6 months. Shocking isn’t it!? Music helps many people if they’re feeling down, upset, not quite right or struggling perhaps. For me I cannot bring myself to listen to music if something is on my mind or if I am struggling with something. I appreciate that music can do someone a world of good in times of need, but for me it just irritates the life out of me. Anyway I guess painting the ceiling one day and finding my long lost speaker that only cost me 2 pints of Guinness brought Small Faces out of the mix and I found myself singing along to Itchycoo Park.

These are just a few snippets of things that I wanted to share as an update. If I wrote about everything in the time I have had away from blogging we would be here for quite some time!

Some things are good, some things are tough. It is scary not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but as the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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