Tiffin & Co.

Have you ever taken yourself to somewhere cute and quirky in your hometown? Found a little gem that you’ve absolutely loved? This is exactly what happened to me and it’s amazing to find that the kindest people and the little fab cafes (or shops etc.) are right on your doorstep and you find them at the right time.


I had previously heard of Tiffin & Co. before I actually visited but the day I visited was the day after I had a car accident. As my car was in the garage we took a little walk through the Old Town and Market Place which isn’t far from me. It’s a beautiful place and I have always loved walking around that area. This day I was still quite shocked, upset and confused as to what had happened the previous day but nevertheless we headed on in and was welcomed instantly by the lovely owner Karyn.

It is the kind of place you can fall in love with immediately, you instantly feel the place is full of happiness and this was just what I needed on this particular day.

Ever since then I have visited a few times and Karyn has remembered us and always been so kind and accommodating – not to mention she makes DELICIOUS tiffin! The place still brings me happiness considering I found it at a troublesome time. Which I think really says something with a business!


I am all for celebrating and supporting local businesses and I honestly wish I could offer her tiffin to those of you who read this! I know this may seem a different kind of blog post to my usual style but sometimes I think these places need a little praise and support.  A lot of people can visit places, especially in their home town and like where they go, what they do etc. and that is great. However, for me on this occasion I feel Tiffin & Co. do need a shout out for how lovely their customer service is, friendly atmosphere and how delicious the treats actually are! (Did I mention the delicious tiffin?!!!!)

So thanks Karyn and Tiffin & Co. for giving my hometown something special. I look forward to watching it grow!

If you’re feeling happy and generous please give them a follow on their social media;

Do you have a favourite place in your hometown? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

4 responses to “Tiffin & Co.”

  1. Thank you so much 😊

    1. You are more than welcome! It’s what our little hometown needs! 💕

  2. I love going out for a sweet treat to cheer me up. There’re a good few places near me to walk to.

    1. This is one happy, special and welcoming little business. Karyn works so hard and deserves all the success in the world. We do have some great independent, quality businesses in Bridlington and Tiffin & Co is leading the way. Independent is the future of the high street… please support our independent businesses.

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